Agomoni Bose
A Collective Approach to Scaling Livelihoods for Persons with Severe, Intellectual, Developmental and Multiple Disabilities in Mission Mode
Dr. Rama Perumal
Experience in Increase Social Awareness of Inclusive Employment for People with Disabilities
Dr.Shamim Ferdous
Impact of Social Awareness on Person with Disabilities to Enroll in Employment
Ms. Michiko Nakajima
Supporting the Income of Artists by Utilizing the Art of the Disabled
Pavithra and Anisha Jose
The Secret Sauce for Developing Persons with Disability for Open Wage Employment
Sarbani Mallick
Presenter: Ms. Rumno Mukherjee
Social enterprise for supported employment for individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities
Vishwas Urs
Enable India–GarvSe University Connect Program

Update Date: 2019.6.17